Sally’s Cat Rescue

Welcome to Sally’s Cat Rescue.

Located in St Austell, Cornwall we are a local charity that rescues and re-homes abandoned, abused, homeless, pregnant, and young cats/kittens.

We have three main Cat Cabins, which are usually full most of the time, and we also have two foster-carers in the local area. Our team consists of volunteers who give up their time and energy on a regular basis, helping with fundraising, and the running of our facebook page and group (yes we have one of each). Sally herself works full time, so is often most available during the evenings and weekends, and works tirelessly with all of the cats under her care.

On this website you will get to meet the residents, report lost and found pets, and read about what happens to our furry friends once they find their forever homes. We are still building the website so some of the pages are still under construction.

We welcome your feedback and comments on both the work we do, and this website.

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