£1,000.00 Goal

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45 Funders


 £1,000.00   Goal

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Rosie was run over resulting in a fractured hip, a broken tail, and a fractured leg, in desperate need of a massive operation, unfortunately, her owners were unable to go ahead with the operation due to funds and have given us permission to take Rosie into our care.

Since coming to us she has had her rear leg and tail amputated. She has made it through the night, and is on a lot of painkillers, but she is doing great and trying to move about!!

Rosie is very young (8 months at the time of her accident) and will hopefully make a full recovery with your help, so we are appealing once again for funds to help us with Rosie’s vet and care bills. As always we are sooooo grateful of all donations and support we have received so far.


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