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44 Funders


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Meet Lola. She has FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). This OAP had been found living as a stray in St Austell. She was in a very bad way, and we were in tears over her condition, she weighed just 2kg on her arrival to us.

We have been feeding her up and will be working closely with the vets to monitor and improve her current condition. She will need treatment for the rest of her life and we are taking donations that are specifically to help Lola live the rest of her days in comfort and love right here at the rescue. Our plans are to provide Lola with her own homely penthouse (see pictures above), and all the care and attention she needs.

Please note that due to restrictions, contributions will not show immediately as it will need to be processed by one of the admins.

Update 22nd August

We received some fab treats from our wish list today. Lola says Meow to those that have donated them (She loves the chicken one). Lola has just been put on some painkillers, she is still a bit wobbly and some days it get a bit much. We are encouraging her to drink some nutrient rich solution at the mo to build her up.


Update 19th August


Our darling Lola has put on weight. Shes gone from 2.3kg to 2.5kg which is fabulous. Slowly does it. Vet is certain she is just old and had been starving when she was brought into the rescue. The FIV is not the major issue which is fab news xxx
Go Lola Go!!!!!

Update 16th August


Lola has been enjoying the sunshine and the garden over the last couple of days. She is getting stronger and stronger each day.

Update 14th August


Lola is venturing outside and stealing Sally’s sunbed.

Update 11th August


Lola is getting back on her feet slowly, and volunteers are having to watch the doors as she likes to follow them around when shes perky …. Shes sneaky and surprisingly quick!!!

2 reviews for Lola

  1. linda
    5 out of 5


    Come & meet Lola ,you won’t believe the difference ,she is on different painkillers & she actually runs around the garden ,she could’nt walk when she first came ,she now weighs 3.5kgs amazing

  2. Dena
    5 out of 5


    Lola deserves to live the rest of her life out in warmth and comfort… keep those donations coming 🙂

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