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£60,000.00 Goal

13 Funders

13 Funders


 £60,000.00   Goal

£35,000 donation target

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The cat rescue desperately needs an additional building for isolation purposes to house sick or injured cats / kittens. Currently if there is an outbreak of infection in the cat pens, it is impossible to keep it contained and it can spread throughout the whole building. Recent veterinary advice, follow and outbreak, is that the only safe way to prevent the spread of infection is to build isolation kennels which are separate from the current building. We therefore plan to build a new building to accommodate this.

We currently have no facilities for microchipping and examining cats, we have no hot water supply, we have no in-house washing machine, and we have very little storage space.

The proposal

  • A brand new building with three isolation kennels
  • Hot water, plumbing, heating, and lighting
  • An examination room with a table, sink, and washing machine
  • Toilet facilities
  • Storage facilities

Current progress

£3000 of the total fund has already been spent.

  • Foundations laid
  • Excavation of area Clearing of the area (removal of trees)
  • Electric power supply in place

Fundraising sources

  • Sucessful applications for public grants
  • Monthly online auctions
  • Open morning (raffles / stalls games etc)
  • Monthly tombola held at pets@home St Austell
  • This crowdfunding project


  • The grant will enable us to successfully manage the risk of any cross infection in the current housing area.
  • Isolation heated pens will provide a secure warm area for any cats recovering from operations or who need isolation if contagious
  • The building will allow us a microchipping area and table so that we can continues to raise money for the rescue by microchipping cats for the public and also chipping our own cats before they are rehomed
  • It will give the current volunteers a place to wash bedding, bowls and trays with hot water which we currenty dont have
  • A toliet area will give volunteers a place to use and enable them to spend longer periods volunteering at the rescue
  • Storage are will enable us to keep more food donations from the public and cat carriers / beds etc

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